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Translumina Acquires Blue Medical Devices

Friday, June 30, 2023

Translumina announced the acquisition of Blue Medical Devices to strengthen its portfolio in the medical device industry.

By acquiring Blue Medical Devices, Translumina gains access to a range of patented and innovative technologies, particularly in the field of Drug Coated Balloons (DCB). This next-generation DCB technology is poised to revolutionise complex coronary interventions by addressing the limitations of current approaches.

Furthermore, the acquisition also provides Translumina with the opportunity to leverage Blue Medical's patented drug application technology across other product lines, including peripheral and neurovascular interventions.

Blue Medical DCB catheters, such as Protégé NC and Protégé SC, are notable for their ability to address the limitations commonly associated with current drug-coated balloon (DCB) technologies. These catheters have received approval under the EU-MDR (European Medical Device Regulation) and offer a distinct feature: the availability of both non-compliant and semi-compliant versions.

This innovative approach ensures that there is no loss of the drug during the advancement of the catheter to the specific lesion site. As a result, a high concentration of the drug is achieved precisely at the targeted area, enhancing the efficacy and safety of the treatment.