Vibrational spectroscopies to investigate concretions and ectopic calcifications for medical diagnosis

Authors: Michel Daudon, Dominique Bazin


As asserted by numerous authors, Fourier Transform (FT)-Raman and FT-Infrared spectroscopies constitute two useful tools for bio-medical diagnostics. We can distinguish two different kinds of application, namely, tissue disorders analyzed using statistical methods, and detection of ectopic calcifications through precise analysis of the shape and the position of absorption bands. In this contribution, we present some new results regarding these research themes, as well as recent experimental developments, such as the ability to perform nanometer scale near-field infrared microscopy, which have already led to major scientific breakthroughs.


Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy; Infrared microspectroscopy; Raman spectroscopy; Raman microspectroscopy; Urinary calculi; Crystals; Biopsy

Citation: Michel Daudon, Dominique Bazin Vibrational spectroscopies to investigate concretions and ectopic calcifications for medical diagnosis doi:10.1016/j.crci.2016.05.011

Received: 11 November 2015 Accepted: 12 May 2016 Available online: 29 June 2016

Copyright: © 2016 Published by Elsevier Masson SAS on behalf of Académie des sciences. This is an open access article under the CC BY-NC-ND license (


In recent years, considerable effort has been exerted to improve the performance of IR spectroscopy. Now, experimental setups able to collect thousands of IR spectra with sufficient signal-to-noise ratio at the micrometer scale in less than one hour are available in hospitals. Several excellent papers using this technology have already been published [132], [133], [134], [135] and [136]. On large scale instruments or on some specific devices, it is also possible to collect data at the nanometer scale. Thus, the advent of large datasets leading to major scientific breakthroughs in the next few years is crystal clear.


This work was supported by the Physics and Chemistry Institutes of CNRS and by contracts ANR-09-BLAN-0120-02, ANR-12-BS08-0022, ANR13JSV10010-01, convergence UPMCCVG1205 and CORDDIM-2013-COD130042. The authors are grateful to the Soleil SR facility for beam time allocation (proposal numbers SMIS-20130016, SMIS-20120070, SMIS-20110084, SMIS-20100566, and SMIS-20100039).