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Issue 61 | 2023

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Issue 61



A post-pandemic revival

The COVID pandemic has significantly transformed lives placing unprecedented pressure on healthcare systems worldwide

Healthcare Management

Analysing the impact of talent management and responsible leadershipA post-pandemic revival

Human capital has a crucial role in any hospital system It is widely accepted that hospital systems with the best people doctors nurses etc survive in the market for the long term Pandita Ray

How to become a good healthcare manager and leader

Many define a good manager as being able to deliver satisfying financial results or performance outcomes of the area under their leadership

According to the Centers For Disease Control CDC USA medical tourism is defined as The travel to another country for medical care

Healthcare providers’ perspectives

Highquality care and the best possible outcomes for patients are only possible in healthcare organisations with strong management Stern et al

Artificial Intelligence AI and Machine Learning ML take the insights gained from data analytics and make them actionable with new predictive insights in real time

Medical Sciences

Meet Caroline one of our lifecourse models for the Mdiagnosed IBD patients across the globe and the additional M people who we estimate live with IBD but are currently undiagnosed

Traditional dogma regarding the autonomic control of cardiac function suggests that the heart is reciprocally regulated by the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions

Exploring the benefits and rationale for integrating mental health services into primary healthcare

The main purpose of primary healthcare is to improve peoples health by facilitating access to medical care

Exercise’s role in preventing and managing chronic diseases

Acute health issues like infectious conditions and acute trauma do not last long


Teleconsultation transforms chronic disease management

Teleconsultation a cuttingedge field within healthcare services offers remote consultation diagnosis and teletreatment benefiting both patients and healthcare professionals

Facilities & Operations

Sustainable health in the context of increasing allround attention on environment social and governance ESG concerns requires innovative design and effective execution of policy

Panacea for fatal arrhythmias, delays in defibrillation and pandemic

Time is among the most crucial aspects of health care Many authors emphasise the golden hour as the critical time window for successful intervention in trauma

Information Technology

Collaborating across the supply chain

One common approach is for the HDO to try to get the device manufacturers to make all technical details about the product available to them

Will hospitals disappear in 100 years?

Health Information Technology HIT refers to the application of computer hardware software and systems in healthcare to store retrieve share and analyse health information


MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND 2023 | 13-15 September

Preparations are in full swing as MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND makes its way to Bangkok once again in

A Royal College of Nursing project reported that needlestick accidents occur in the UK every year