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Centre for Primary Care (CPC) Partners with agilon health

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

The Centre for Primary Care (CPC) announced that it has formed a new partnership with agilon health.

This partnership aims to empower primary care physicians and improve their ability to serve senior patients while aligning with CPC's mission of providing high-quality care across communities. By introducing the Total Care Model, the partnership seeks to enhance the quality of healthcare for senior patients, ensuring to receive the necessary support and services.

Commencing in 2024, the collaboration between CPC (Community Primary Care) will implement this innovative primary care model, aimed at fortifying preventive measures and chronic care for the elderly patients.

Through the newly formed partnership with the Centre for Primary Care, agilon is expanding the implementation of its Total Care Model to reach senior patients in Eastern Georgia for the first time. This collaboration aims to provide comprehensive and holistic care to seniors in these communities.