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Articles on key issues related to the Healthcare Industry from the heads of leading Hospital and Healthcare companies and healthcare industry experts. This section focuses on current and emerging issues in areas such as healthcare management, medical sciences, surgical speciality, diagnostics, technology, equipment & devices, facilities and operations management and information technology.

Tackling Indonesia’s Diabetes Challenge: Eight Approaches From Around The World

As of 2014 more than 9 million adult Indonesians from 20 to 79 years old suffered from diabetes making the countrys diabetes population the fifth largest in the world6 Projections suggest that more than 14 million Indonesians will have diabetes by 20357 In 2014 diabetes was estimated to cause nearly..

Making the Intelligent Hospital a Reality Today

Healthcare directly affects each and every one of us With Asias ageing population it will become more important than ever to ensure that hospital facilities are at their best SchneiderElectric believes that the intelligent hospital is the answer and itis a solution that healthcare organisations can..

Experience world-class events in healthcare

US12 billion is spent annually on biomedical RD in Singapore 7 of the worlds top 10 pharmaceutical companies have set up base in Singapore All of the worlds top 10 medical technology providers as right here in Singapore Singapores healthcare was named Asias best by the World Health Organizatio..

US health insurance restructures to contain costs for improved outcomes

Why is United States still struggling with heavy health insurance costs What is driving the changes in health insurance industry What does the future hold for the insurance industry with US ranking relatively poor when it comes to health care delivery Trying to make sense of US health insurance land..

The next-generation technologies that are changing the delivery of healthcare

As mHealth evolves the growing adoption of machinetomachine M2M technologies is helping bring greater automation to remote monitoring as wireless technology is used to transfer realtime data about patient vital signs and conditions directly to medical staff M2M technology can also help in the tracki..

A Practical Approach to the Selection of Cleanroom Disinfectants

This article provides guidance for the selection of disinfectants to be used for the biocontamination control of cleanrooms and controlled environments Control is important for product and patient safety The article focuses on factors contributing to microcidal and microstatic properties including c..

Cancer Scare

The Growing Epidemic

The fate of Indian anticancer drugs will depend on Indian government policy on whether it grants compulsory licenses or not Public awareness and mass education by the media Television Radio Telecom Channels investment strategies of private healthcare companies with specialised cancer hospitals in r..

Future Healthcare Units Under Obamacare

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act PPACA or ObamaCare was signed into law for health reforms in the USA in 2010 and was eventually upheld in the Supreme Court in 2012 ObamaCare strives to bring greater parity in healthcare spending across the sector through its new health insurance schem..

Did you know that

Many of the hospitals and imaging centres run 247 making them one of the largest energy consumers And electricity costs are always on an upward scale and in many towns electricity is not available for as many as 1315 hours a day Hence saving money is not the only imperative but saving energy for a b..


Electrosurgery generator units ESUs are a crucial piece of equipment in operative settings and are among the most common instruments used by surgeons today However like other electrically operated medical devices they need to be tested regularly to ensure that they operate correctly and are safe for..