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Dr Saurabh Bansal, Founder and Managing Director, SHL Surgeons House private Limited

SHL Surgeons House Private Ltd. (The Surgeons House) is a platform to integrate surgeons with an aim to develop best group surgical practices. The objective is to develop a one-stop solution for patients to address their medical and surgical needs in an affordable manner, coupled with quality. With Surgeons House, we intend to establish multi-speciality clinics by bringing super-specialised surgeons under one roof. This would help the patients save time by allowing a speedier consultation process and multiple added benefits at the same time. As a startup, we intend to collaborate with hospitals in order to meet the surgical needs of our patients.

Group practice amongst specialised doctors to provide affordable and quality services to the patients is at the heart of Surgeons House.


  1. We believe in implementation of evidence based scientific practise for better surgical outcomes. A collaborative approach is the key to achieve this goal.
  2. Evidence based approach would help us develop standardised surgical practice which we intend to implement in all our branches, within and outside India.
  3. To create long term database for demographics, disease and outcomes of patients by implementing a central data collection centre which will contribute to science and research significantly.

Our approach

  1. To encourage surgeons promote and work to speciality based group practise. We intend to develop various allied surgical specialities in group practice format not pertaining to single speciality but combined with all surgical specialities.
  2. To encourage surgeons to participate in advancements of surgical sciences and implement newer surgical techniques and procedures.
  3. To provide flexibility to surgeons to help them reach their true earning potential, which is not common in a salary-based model.
  4. To build surgical leaders amongst ourselves who would manage potentially our branches across the country.
  5. We intend to provide services to geographies which lack surgical facilities or specialised surgeons by collaborating with local governments in long term.
  6. To implement a feedback system to improvise our results.


A collaborative approach is the key to achieve the vision of Surgeons House. Our values and culture is aimed towards group practice amongst specialised surgeons that would help us implement evidence based practice and ensure standardised outcomes

We intend to partner with hospital groups to ensure our goals move in right direction. Secondly, we intend to partner with technology companies to create a strong data centre to achieve our goal of standardised evidence based practice. We believe this this initiative will further ensure better solutions to the Indian healthcare system.

The other major area as we grow up is to act and develop corporate social responsibility in various health related issues which will be very helpful to society in turn to SHL surgeons and healthcare organisations. This is a considerable moral responsibility of being health professionals to impart knowledge and give better meaning to our initiative.


As we step forward to create and establish our platform, we would encourage surgeons, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs and investors to help us establish our vision of “one stop shop for all your surgical problems”.

--Issue 49--

Author Bio

Dr Saurabh Bansal

Dr Saurabh Bansal is a very passionate General, laparoscopic and Minimal access surgeon practising in National capital region of Delhi, India. He is strongly behind the concept, design and implementation of The surgeons House and justifying his role as Founder and Managing Director of SHL Surgeons House private Limited.

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