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Issue 34 | 2016

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Issue 34



Tools for providing better care

From Telemedicine to PHRs to EMRs to mHealth technology has for long been at forefront of providing better healthcare services to patients From digitization to mobile revolution healthcare industry has seen it all The world is slowly moving from mobile to wearable devices thanks to disruptive technologies like Virtual Reality VR and Augmented Reali...

Healthcare Management

‘Win-Win’ for India!

By far Wikipedia has had the simplest definition of medical tourism Medical tourism is the travel of people to a place other than where they normally reside for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment in that country Although it is quite a new concept to a larger majority of people across the globe medical tourism is not something that started i...

Against a backdrop of rising incomes and an increasing population the healthcare system in Asia faces a landscape of major opportunities and challenges Navigating that landscape can be made easier by incorporating ISO a popular quality management system standard used around the world which provides more efficient ways of working better cost contro...

Prior to conceptualising Omega Healthcare in you had a sizeable amount of experience within the realm of Healthcare Outsourcing Kindly shed some light on your journey thus far I started my career in early as a Charge Entry Payment Posting Executive A good schooling from Kendra Vidyalaya that m

Medical Sciences

Surgical Speciality


Technology, Equipment & Devices

Facilities & Operations

Information Technology

The friendship begins

It is no secret that healthcare services around the world are facing systemic challenges caused by demographic change and lifestylerelated conditions While a considerable effort has gone into understanding the origins of these problems comparatively little progress has been made in harnessing the power of technology to help provide solutions There...

Improving provider workflow and patient care

In todays healthcare environment the ability for providers to exchange and share imaging is becoming increasingly critical on many fronts Electronic access to images improves provider workflow clinical operations and patient care through time savings and efficiencies When providers access images with mobile devices these benefits increase Mobile de...

Furthering Digital Landscape

As traditional methods of targeting doctors become less effective and online usage within the healthcare community grows it is becoming increasingly important for pharmaceutical stakeholders to understand exactly how doctors consume information and communicate digitally Digital Life Physician conducted by Kantar Health and DX

There is no question we are living in a time of exponential growth of technology Many Asia Pacific APACcountries are investing heavily in Health Information Technology HIT which has significant impact on the healthcare workforce In APAC like other regions in the world the nursing profession comprises the largest workforce delivering patient care so...

The Role of Technology in Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Where do you think the Indian healthcare system is headingand what needs to be done India has the secondhighest number of hospitals worldwide excluding private hospitals and clinics as well as nursing homes However the country ranks low in terms of life expectancy The Economic Times also noted tha