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Augmented and Virtual Reality in Healthcare

Tools for providing better care


Healthcare Management

Healthcare Outsourcing

Successful implementation of ICD 10 and the growing needs challenges of medical coding billing in India are highlighted in this interview..

How Asian Healthcare Leaders Can Benefit From ISO 9001:2015

This article details the key elements of ISO 90012015 that Asian healthcare leaders should be aware of detailing how this standard can have a positive impact on future hospital performance This standard represents a significant change in structure an..

Medical Tourism

‘Win-Win’ for India!

The medical tourism industry has witnessed a steady global growth in the recent years and India is establishing its footprints in this sector with a gusto As the world population becomes more aware of healthcare options and as quality healthcare rise..

Information Technology

Emerging Technologies in Healthcare

The Role of Technology in Shaping the Future of Healthcare

The Internet has brought much technological advancement to healthcare elevating patient care speeding up access to patient record and enabling the delivery of personalized medicine through the use of emerging technologies such as telemedicine Sanjay..

Preparing and Engaging Nurses in the Informatics Revolution

Many APAC countries are going SMART healthcare IT spending in APAC is expected to grow 8 per cent through 2018 Nurses who are the majority serving at the frontline of healthcare are often left out of discussions around IT adoption although they are ..

Physicians in China

Furthering Digital Landscape

2016 study finds innovative channels account for more than 60 per cent of medical information acquired..

Mobile Image Access Saves Time

Improving provider workflow and patient care

Electronic access to images improves provider workflow clinical operations and patient care through time savings and efficiencies This article reviews the clinical and patient care time savings of electronic image exchange using mobile devices and de..

Technology and Improved Health Outcomes

The friendship begins

The good news is that appropriate technologies exist and are ready to be implemented by forwardthinking healthcare providers..