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Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics for Smart Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics for Smart Healthcare

Pages: 380

Publisher: Academic Press

Year of Publication: 2020

Author(s) : Miltiadis Lytras Anna Visvizi Akila Sarirete Kwok Tai Chui

Book Description:

Next Generation Technology Driven Precision Medicine and Smart Healthcare serves as a key reference for practitioners and experts involved in healthcare as they strive to enhance the value added of healthcare and develop more sustainable healthcare systems. It brings together insights from emerging sophisticated information and communication technologies such as big data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, medical intelligence, and, by dwelling on their current and prospective applications, highlights managerial and policymaking challenges they may generate.

The book is split into five sections: big data infrastructure, framework and design for smart healthcare; signal processing techniques for smart healthcare applications; business analytics (descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive) for smart healthcare; emerging tools and techniques for smart healthcare; and challenges (security, privacy, and policy) in big data for smart healthcare. The content is carefully developed to be understandable to different members of healthcare chain to leverage collaborations with researchers and industry.