Diabetes Management

Diabetes Management

Pages: 110

Publisher: CRC Press

Year of Publication: 2020

Author(s) : Janet Titchener

Book Description:

Diabetes is a chronic disease involving self-management by the patients. This book teaches providers the skills to translate and transfer complex medical information to empower patients to participate in making well-informed decisions about their own care on a daily basis, as directed by the American Diabetes Association. It provides the basic knowledge around the pathophysiology of diabetes, different management options including insulin management and calculations, information on how foods affect blood sugars and how to address cardiovascular risk factors. This book aims to change clinical outcomes through its unique presentation of information and its approach to awareness.

Key Features
•    Follows a unique approach in imparting techniques that bring long-term patient behaviour changes, making the provision of chronic disease management more efficient and satisfying
•    Serves to help professionals in their day-to-day patient management to achieve better outcomes
•    Addresses the area of need for primary care and helps to make well-informed decisions by understanding the essential cost of care


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