Epigenetics of the Immune System, Volume 16 1st Edition

Epigenetics of the Immune System, Volume 161st Edition

Pages: 384

Publisher: Academic Press

Year of Publication: 2020

Author(s) : Dieter KabelitzJaydeep Bhat

Book Description:

Epigenetics of the Immune System focuses on different aspects of epigenetics and immunology, providing readers with the fundamental mechanisms relating to epigenetics and the immune system. This book provides in-depth information on immune cells as a toolbox in deciphering systematically regulated mechanisms using "omics" and computational biology approaches. In addition, the book presents the translational importance of epigenetics and the immune system in our understanding of pathophysiology in diseases and its therapeutic applications.

Key Features
•    Provides an overview of most important immune mechanisms, the current status of epigenetics, and how both of them are brought together
•    Presents key principles of immune mechanisms in epigenetics, presenting current findings and key principles
•    Features in-depth chapter contributions from a wide range of international researchers and specialists in immunology, translational medicine and epigenetics
•    Merges two very large areas, covering the unique interrelatedness of epigenetics and immunology


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