Evaluating Outcomes in Health and Social Care, 2nd Edition

Evaluating Outcomes in Health and Social Care, 2nd Edition

Pages: 144

Publisher: Policy Press

Year of Publication: 2016

Author(s) : Helen Dickinson and Janine O'Flynn

Book Description:

Recent years have seen a shift in health care and social work that has moved collaborative work to the center of everyday practice. But has that change led to better outcomes for the people who use these social services?Evaluating Outcomes in Health and Social Care takes up that question—as well as the crucial underlying question of how best to measure those outcomes. This new edition brings the book fully up to date with the latest research findings and offers more tools, frameworks, and international examples of best practices to aid practitioners as they evaluate partnerships.

This book answers questions like What are evaluation and outcomes and why do they matter?; What does research tell us? It also delineates hot topics and emerging issues along with providing useful frameworks and concepts, recommendations for policy and practice and much more.


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