IQuity Labs Enters into Strategic Partnership with Diatherix Laboratories

Saturday, February 27, 2016

IQuity Labs, a company specializing in leading-edge diagnostic tests for autoimmune disease and related conditions, today announced it has entered into a strategic relationship with Diatherix to provide laboratory services and sales to providers. Diatherix offers advanced multiplex molecular diagnostic services to assist healthcare providers. This enables the simultaneous detection of bacteria, viruses, parasites and Candida related to infectious disease.

This strategic partnership presents Diatherix, which carries both CAP-accreditation and high-complexity CLIA certification, with the opportunity to incorporate new product offerings supported by IQuity’s proprietary results algorithm. Leveraging Diatherix’s strong network and logistical expertise, IQuity will be able to bring providers rapid and accurate confirmation of the presence or absence of an autoimmune disease at the earliest onset of symptoms.

“We are excited to work with IQuity Labs,” said Dennis Grimaud, CEO of Diatherix Laboratories. “The proven science and dedicated individuals behind IQuity’s tests are exactly what we look for in a strategic partner. We are confident in this test’s ability to greatly improve lives through diagnosis of conditions that often go misdiagnosed for years.”

In 2015, Diatherix was acquired by Eurofins Scientific, a leading international provider of bio-analytical testing and genomic services. The acquisition expands Diatherix’s reach into additional markets worldwide.

“The complementary nature of Diatherix and IQuity’s offerings, paired with our teams’ backgrounds and knowledge of the physician market, forms the ideal platform for us to bring our test to market,” said Chase Spurlock, CEO of IQuity Labs. “But more than that, we have a shared mission to improve patient outcomes as the physician’s diagnostic companion.”

IQuity will launch its first test for multiple sclerosis mid-year, with panels for additional autoimmune diseases launching over the next twelve months.


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