Omron Healthcare and physIQ Partner to Transform Cardiovascular Patient Care

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Omron Healthcare, Inc. and physIQ Inc. today announced a collaboration to integrate Omron’s innovative FDA-cleared device, HeartGuide®, the first wearable blood pressure monitor into the pinpointIQ® platform to monitor at-risk patients in an outpatient setting. The strategic collaboration aims to generate actionable clinical information for at-risk patients in an outpatient environment by leveraging the complementary technologies of each company. Omron is the global leader in personal heart health and wellness technology and physIQ is a pioneer in FDA-cleared Artificial Intelligence physiology analytics.

The Omron HeartGuide, which recently announced its retail availability at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and awarded the Engadget “Best of CES” award for best wearable, is a first-of-its kind wearable blood pressure monitor made in the convenient form of a wristwatch. It uses oscillometric technology to measure medically-accurate blood pressure readings and monitors activity and sleep. PhysIQ’s pinpointIQ solution is an enterprise-ready, device-agnostic platform designed to capture continuous multivariate physiological data from wearable sensors, apply FDA-cleared Artificial Intelligence-based analytics, and provide actionable clinical information to a patient’s care team. Collectively, the combined solution represents an opportunity to enable a proactive care delivery model to better support at-risk patients at home.

“At Omron, our mission is Going for Zero, the elimination of heart attack and stroke,” said Ranndy Kellogg, president and CEO of Omron Healthcare. “HeartGuide is a significant step forward in Going for Zero and the addition of advanced analytics builds on that advancement to give even higher risk patients greater power in managing their condition and reducing their risk of an event. We are committed to working with physIQ to leverage their industry-leading platform and human physiology analytics to provide better care for patients.”

The initial implementation of the combined solution will be with a major Chicago-area integrated health system and focus on supporting post-discharge patients who have been hospitalized for either heart failure or heart attack. Patients will wear HeartGuide, which will transmit data through the physIQ mobile app to the pinpointIQ cloud-based platform. Clinicians will access patient data and analytics through the pinpointIQ user interface such that they can proactively manage their at-risk patients.

“We have long believed that high-frequency ‘real world’ blood pressure was a parameter that could unlock unprecedented visibility into patient physiology,” shared Gary Conkright, CEO of physIQ. “By integrating HeartGuide into our pinpointIQ platform, we are confident that we have an end-to-end solution that will address a massive unmet need in the market and bring enormous value to patients and their clinicians. This is the beginning of a relationship that we believe will truly transform how patients are cared for at home.”

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. with Americans suffering 760,000 heart attacks each year. In addition, 5.7 million adults live with heart failure, resulting in more than 1 million hospitalizations annually. By virtue of continuously capturing clinical grade data and leveraging machine learning-based analytics, Omron and physIQ share the goal to reduce complications post-discharge and more effectively manage these patients as they navigate life after hospitalization.

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