Philips Canada launches new full featured and cost-effective two-in-one life support ventilator

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Royal Philips announced the Canadian launch of the Philips Respironics V680 Ventilator for hospital respiratory care, offering both invasive and noninvasive ventilation.  The Philips Respironics V680 Ventilator was recently unveiled at the Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists’ Annual Conference in Calgary, Alberta.

In consultation with clinicians, the Philips Respironics V680 Ventilator is designed for smoother transition from ventilation to natural breathing, which may help enhance patient care. The Philips Respironics V680 Ventilator joins Philips’ existing portfolio of leading edge patient-centred hospital respiratory care solutions, created to deliver higher quality and comfortable care.

“For nearly 125 years, Philips has been committed to delivering innovations that improve people’s lives. The Philips Respironics V680 Ventilator is yet another example of Philips technology that is designed with the needs of both the patient and clinician in mind,” said Iain Burns, President, Philips Canada. “From Healthy Living, Prevention, Diagnosis, to Treatment, Recovery and Home Care, Philips creates solutions that span the health continuum, and it’s how we are delivering on our vision to make the world healthier through innovation.”

The Philips Respironics V680 Ventilator is the first ventilator to combine the Philips gold standard single-limb noninvasive ventilation (NIV) solution with a fully featured, dual-limb system. Designed to deliver advanced life support for critically ill patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), the Philips Respironics V680 Ventilator is also designed to make it fast and easy to switch from invasive to noninvasive ventilation to streamline transitions. Personalized to each patient, the Philips Respironics V680 Ventilator can help deliver the right therapy at the right time. The Philips Respironics V680 Ventilator is the only ventilator to provide continuous measurements of dynamic resistance, compliance, elastance, and plateau pressure in both single and dual-limb invasive and noninvasive modes.

“Noninvasive therapy has become the first line of therapy for many patients presenting with respiratory distress,” commented Thomas Piraino, RRT, FCSRT, Best Practice Clinical Educator  and Assistant Clinical Professor (Adjunct) for McMaster University. “In my opinion, the BiPAP Vision, and the current V60 have always been the gold standard for the noninvasive treatment of acute respiratory distress.  The ability to deliver invasive mechanical ventilation for the patient unable to improve, or be managed with noninvasive therapy is what makes the V680 ventilator a compelling product for critical care and emergency departments, or as a primary mechanical ventilator in the community hospital setting.”

NIV has become a standard of care for the management of acute respiratory failure, but there is a risk of leaks around the mask that may interfere with ventilator performance. As a result, patient-ventilator asynchrony, defined as a mismatch between patient's inspiratory time and the ventilator insufflation time, may occur in nearly 25 per cent of intubated patients.[i] These high rates of asynchrony can be associated with a higher incidence of weaning failure and tracheostomy, prolonged mechanical ventilation, fatigue, increased sedation needs and longer hospital stays.

A recent study to compare patient-ventilator synchrony during NIV between ICU, transport and dedicated NIV ventilators, found the use of a NIV ventilator on critically ill patients led to a significant decrease in the incidence of patient-ventilator asynchrony.[ii] Moreover, dedicated NIV ventilators exhibited more standardised behaviour during the investigation, with an ability to avoid auto-triggering or delayed cycling while keeping a short triggering delay despite the presence of leaks.

The Philips Respironics V680 Ventilator joins Philips’ existing portfolio of patient-centred hospital respiratory care solutions which includes the Philips Respironics V60; the Philips gold standard hospital dedicated noninvasive ventilator.  

The Philips Respironics V680 Ventilator is now available in Canada and several European markets. US launch is pending 510(k) clearance.