PrecisionBI announces strategic relationship with Capital Area Pediatrics

Friday, January 29, 2016

PrecisionBI has announced a strategic relationship with Capital Area Pediatrics Inc. (CAP) to provide its healthcare business and clinical intelligence services to the practice. CAP is considered to be one of the most prestigious pediatric organizations in the Northern Virginia area. With over 40 providers in the organization, CAP delivers care to thousands of children.

This relationship allows CAP to utilize a robust, industry-leading analytics engine to gain insight into both the business and clinical side of their practice’s performance. PrecisionBI is the leading analytics and business intelligence solution for medical facilities and is used by over 50,000 physicians nationwide.

“The management team at Capital Area Pediatrics, Inc. is looking forward to the long term advantages of using the PrecisionBI reporting tool,” explained Wendy A.S. Evans, CMPE, Director of Billing Services at CAP.

Evans said the practice plans to automate reports which previously required the combination of information from multiple systems in order to identify gaps in care and to allow physicians and staff access to daily updated dashboards.

“We believe the PrecisionBI reporting system will give CAP the ability to easily document quality improvement efforts so that the NCQA recertification process will be a snap,” said Evans. “And most importantly, we look forward to a better understanding of our own data so that we are not dependent solely on the data supplied by the managed care companies as we move more into P4P contracting relationships.”

“We are thrilled to enter into a relationship with Capital Area Pediatrics and offer the practice access to our powerful business intelligence and clinical analytics solution to assist in meeting their goal of being one of the most trusted pediatric care providers in the Northern Virginia area,” said Jaime Ojeda, General Manager and Executive Vice President of PrecisionBI.