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Revotek Receives Clearance from the National Health Commission of China for the World First Clinical Trial for 3D Bioprinted Stem Cell Vascular Grafts

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Revotek announced that it has received clearance from the National Health Commission of China to begin a clinical study in the West China Hospital, Chengdu, with its first stem cell 3D bioprinting product, REVOVAS.

"The clearance marks an important milestone for Revotek. We are excited to advance REVOVAS, our first stem cell 3D bioprinting product for patients with Peripheral Artery Diseases (PADs), and we hope that the upcoming study will serve as validation of our stem cell 3D bio-printing platform as a whole," said Ms Yin Xie, CEO of Revotek, "This initial study will help determine the safety and potential effectiveness of the stem cell 3D biological printing platform, and will mark its place as a new autologous stem-cell-therapy platform to provide regenerative therapies for a range of chronic diseases, reaching patients with various cardiovascular diseases, and many others, with this life-changing therapy. "

The clearance allows for a clinical study to evaluate the safety of REVOVAS in individuals with PADs. Revotek anticipates starting the clinical study in Q2 2022.

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