Summus Announces Collaboration with Leal Health

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Summus announced a collaboration with Leal Health to identify and access trials and treatments for members with cancer.

Through the collaboration, members will work with Summus team to understand and identify their eligibility to participate in oncology clinical trials. Specialists in Summus’ curated provider network will help members understand their diagnosis and treatment options. For members who choose to explore the availability of clinical trials, Leal Health will provide guidance on options, eligibility criteria and treatment guidelines.

Combining Summus’ deep and extensive expertise in oncology and Leal Health’s advanced AI platform to search for clinical trial and advanced treatment matches, offers its members the personalised insights and information needed to create a path forward in their cancer journey.

Working with Leal Health provides members with access to information about advanced cancer treatments and clinical trials. Together, it helps those with cancer understand all available options, and take control of their cancer journey.