Biome Launches Innovative Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) Module to Enhance Care Delivery

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Nationally, chest pain ranks as a primary reason for Emergency Department visits and hospital admissions. Healthcare systems face the ongoing challenge of managing bed capacity while striving to provide high-quality patient care and achieve excellent clinical outcomes.

Biome's new ACS module is designed to assist healthcare systems in managing the complexities associated with chest pain care. This tool enables health systems to assess operational efficiencies, including patient throughput and length of stay, while offering comprehensive insights into clinical outcomes.

As hospitals increasingly pursue accreditation for chest pain center certification, having immediate access to performance data is critical. Biome’s solution ensures near real-time monitoring capabilities, essential for maintaining and enhancing care standards.

Stuart Jacobson, Biome’s CEO, emphasizes the company’s commitment to evolving healthcare needs. "Our consistent dialogue with industry partners highlights a critical demand for deeper insights into leading causes of hospital admissions, such as chest pain. This feedback has directly influenced the development of our chest pain module. We are thrilled to introduce this product to our partners, marking a significant step forward in our mission to support health systems with top-of-mind challenges such as bed capacity constraints.”

The Biome Acute Coronary Syndrome module represents a significant advancement in creating actionable and insight-focused data to help drive the care of chest pain patients. Healthcare teams can leverage advanced cohorting features to understand variation in operational capacity by analyzing critical variables such as admission day of the week. These advanced insights equip leaders with the insights they need to maximize operational capacity and enhance patient outcomes, ultimately leading to improved healthcare experience for patients.

About Biome

Biome is a leading provider of innovative healthcare technology solutions. With a focus on transforming patient care and optimizing operational efficiency, Biome develops cutting-edge software and tools that empower healthcare providers to deliver exceptional outcomes. By leveraging advanced technologies, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, Biome is revolutionizing the healthcare industry one solution at a time.


Stephen Hiscott
Chief Growth Officer