Caranx Medical Announces the World's First Successful Robotic Transcatheter Heart Valve Implantation in an Animal

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Caranx Medical (“Caranx”), a French medical technology company specializing in the development of autonomous robots to provide access to the life-saving procedure of Transcatheter Aortic Valve implantation To democratize implantation, TAVI, today announced the world's first successful robotic heart valve implantation (aortic valve) in an animal.

The animal's assisted heart valve implantation was carried out by Dr. Stéphane Lopez, Caranx CMO Dr. Eric Sejor, Caranx CTO Pierre Berthet-Rayne and the Caranx team.

“ This groundbreaking success is the result of hard teamwork. At Caranx Medical, we are committed to improving patients' lives through true innovation. This successful robotic transcatheter aortic valve implantation is the first step toward a new generation of intelligent, AI-driven robots that will transform healthcare as we know it,” said Pierre Berthet-Rayne, PhD, co-founder and CTO of Caranx.

“ This important medical pioneering achievement lies not only in the technical achievements of Caranx Medical's engineers, but also in the impact that this technology will have on interventional cardiology. “By simplifying and standardizing a complex procedure, the robot we developed opens up new opportunities to improve the performance and safety of TAVI procedures,” said Dr. Eric Sejor, co-founder and CMO of Caranx.

The TAVR procedure was introduced around 20 years ago and cardiologists still face major challenges and long learning curves in these procedures in terms of precise and accurate heart valve insertion. As a result, only 300,000 TAVI procedures are performed annually in the US and EU, although more than 1,700,000 patients are eligible for the procedure. In addition, the difficulty of the process still leads to some disadvantages. For example, cardiac pacemakers are often required due to the lack of precision when inserting the implant after the procedure.

“ We prove through logic and we discover through intuition.” “ This quote from Henri Poincaré perfectly summarizes the work of the Caranx team. It had the intuition that robotics combined with artificial intelligence and imaging could improve outcomes in heart valve implantation. During this first robotic implantation on a porcine model, the sensations were very similar to those we observed during a conventional procedure on our patients. There is no doubt that the use of robotics combined with artificial intelligence and imaging will improve the safety, precision and reproducibility of human procedures,” said Dr. Stéphane Lopez, Institut Arnault Tzanck , Saint Laurent du Var, France, who performs more than 400 TAVI procedures per year.

“ The Caranx team has reached an important milestone with the successful use of a balloon expandable device in the aortic position in a porcine model. This extremely promising step paves the way for a first application in humans. I am very excited about robotic TAVI/TAVR, which will be a key to harmonizing procedures and promoting more predictable and controlled valve deployment. Our patients will undoubtedly benefit from this groundbreaking technology in the future,” said Dr. Didier Tchétché, Clinique Pasteur , Toulouse, France, who performs more than 1,000 TAVI procedures per year.

According to Frost and Sullivan, the TAVR market is an $8 billion market with double-digit annual growth rates.

" With Caranx's impressive technology and team, interventional cardiology and medical professionals can hope for what aircraft and pilots have benefited from for decades: reliable automation monitored by pilots, imaging and AI in medicine, satellite/ “Imitate GPS systems when flying,” says Dr. Philippe Pouletty, co-founder of Caranx and CEO of Truffle Capital.

Caranx Medical's TAVI-PILOT robotic solution is a simple, easy-to-use robotic solution that promises precise, accurate and autonomous valve positioning and deployment. TAVI-PILOT is a revolution in aortic valve replacement, something previously reserved only for the most experienced cardiologists. Just as soft tissue robots have multiplied the number of urologists who can perform minimally invasive surgical removal of the prostate, TAVI-PILOT will multiply the number of interventional cardiologists who can safely perform this life-saving surgery.

“ This is a great success that the Caranx team has achieved in recent months. But at Caranx Medical, we don’t just limit ourselves to aortic valve replacement. Our vision also includes the development of our artificial intelligence platform, which currently contains more than 5000 annotated multimodal images from CT, fluoroscopy, echo, reports, etc., which we use to feed our AI algorithms and further endovascular indications such as replacement of “Mitral and tricuspid valves or even other endoluminal procedures can revolutionize the landscape of interventional medicine,” said Caranx CEO Jorgen Hansen.

About Caranx Medical

Caranx Medical is a French MedTech company led by CMO Dr. Eric Sejor, CTO Pierre Berthet-Rayne, PhD. and Dr. Philippe Pouletty and Truffle Capital and is supported by a team of top-class experts, a management team and Truffle Capital, a renowned name in European biotech and medtech investments. The company's goal is to become a global leader in robotic transcatheter heart valve implantation.

Caranx Medical is developing the TAVI PILOT, a straightforward, user-friendly robotic solution that promises precise, accurate and autonomous valve positioning and deployment. Caranx Medical's strategy includes the launch of TAVI PILOT Soft, an intraoperative AI GPS software that tracks real-time anatomical and instrumental landmarks on fluoroscopic images, as well as the launch of the TAVI PILOT Robotic solution as the first first in human solution of the year 2025.

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