DocGo and Medpod team up to Provide High-touch Telehealth Services to Patients

Friday, May 07, 2021

Ambulnz, Inc., d/b/a DocGo, a leading provider of last-mile telehealth and integrated medical mobility services that has entered into an agreement to merge with Motion Acquisition Corp. (Nasdaq: MOTN), today announced that its medical provider resources will deliver telehealth medical care to patients utilizing Medpod's MobileDoc device. Through this partnership, DocGo will facilitate a range of TeleHealth Plus services, including enabling the capture and analysis of relevant patient clinical data to facilitate high quality consultations between patients and remote physicians.

Medpod takes a true 360° approach to telehealth. Uniting software, hardware and services, Medpod has revolutionized the delivery of healthcare with its Augmented Medicine Platform.  The MobileDoc device packs robust professional telediagnostics capabilities into a rapidly deployable carry-on case to enable the mobilization of care directly to the patient's location. DocGo will use MobileDoc to expand provider reach with remote consultations to quickly transform any environment into a clinical care setting.

DocGo and Medpod are foundational components of the new healthcare delivery system. "We're executing on our mission to transform the delivery of healthcare with help from Medpod. With MobileDoc, DocGo's trained on-site field staff will serve as the doctor's eyes, ears and hands as they facilitate care in the patient's home under the guidance of a remote physician," said Stan Vashovsky, founder and CEO of DocGo. "Together with Medpod, DocGo is able to provide its services to many more people, greatly enhancing the level of care they are able to receive in the comfort and safety of their own home."

Medpod's telediagnostic software platform leverages the company's extensive medical technology infrastructure and offers an unprecedented level of options for high quality doctor-patient encounters and care team information-sharing, with real-time communication. DocGo leverages its full infrastructure of software logistics, medical transportation fleet, and skilled field teams to support Telehealth medical providers and improve patient outcomes with unparalleled customer service, transparency, and industry-leading on time compliance.

"The collaboration between Medpod and DocGo brings together the foundational elements enabling healthcare to shatter the boundaries of traditional care and break free of the four walls of the hospital or clinic," said Jack Tawil, founder, Chairman and CEO of Medpod.  "MobileDoc is the ultimate mobile practice and together with DocGo we are reinventing care delivery and empowering practitioners to provide high quality, optimized and transformative care to any patient, wherever and whenever it is needed."

About DocGo:
DocGo is a leading provider of last-mile telehealth and integrated medical mobility services. DocGo is disrupting the traditional four-wall healthcare system by providing care at the scale of humanity. DocGo's innovative technology and dedicated field staff of certified health professionals elevate the quality of patient care and drive business efficiencies for medical providers, facilities, hospital networks and health insurance providers. With TeleHealth Plus, DocGo empowers the full promise and potential of telehealth by facilitating healthcare treatment, in tandem with a remote physician, in the comfort of a patient's home or workplace. Together with DocGo's integrated Ambulnz transportation services, DocGo is bridging the gap between physical and virtual care. DocGo recently announced that it entered into a definitive business combination agreement with Motion Acquisition Corp. (Nasdaq: MOTN), a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company.  Upon closing of the transaction, the combined company will operate under the DocGo name and will be listed on Nasdaq under the new ticker symbol "DCGO".  For more information, please visit

About Medpod:
Medpod, Inc. is a telehealth software, hardware and services company that enables healthcare providers to deliver high quality care, anytime, anywhere. Medpod's Augmented Medicine Platform enables providers to use the power of telediagnostics to extend their reach further into the community and transform any environment into a clinical care setting. The company's 360 degree delivery approach to transforming healthcare using advanced technology enables care at all levels of complexity and in all care settings from Acute and Sub Acute to Ambulatory and home.

Medpod works in close collaboration with best-in-class medical device manufacturers, distributors, physicians and health systems, to engineer and innovate new physical equipment and software and enable seamless cross platform data aggregation and visualization tools that help change care delivery pathways. Medpod's everlasting mission is to reduce healthcare costs, increase efficiencies and provide better patient outcomes. Medpod products, goods and services are globally distributed exclusively by Henry Schein, Inc., a Fortune 500 company. Medpod… where real digital health happens.

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