Borgess Medical Center Expands its Facilities Investing US$35 million


Borgess Medical Center announced that it will spend US$35 million to expand its facilities over the next two years. The expansion includes the addition of more operating rooms in two areas.


The expansion of Borgess Medical Center involves the addition of a second floor to the Stryker Center, the hospitals’ outpatient treatment area.

The second floor will add about 32,000 square feet, including 10 large (360-square-foot) operating rooms, to provide space for current and future technologies.

The outpatient treatment center is likely to have surgical suites, laboratories for medical testing and diagnostics, as well as other specialises facilities and other advancements.

The expansion project will add another floor to the Stryker Center, which was built to allow for vertical expansion.  

The Stryker Center's new surgical floor will connect to the patient units by way of a new connecting bridge corridor. Two additional elevators will be added to facilitate service for staff and patients.

The expansion will accommodate increased procedures and provide greater convenience, privacy, and comfort for patients.

The medical center will have two surgical suites in the future and have facilities to sterilise surgical instruments.

Space inside the Borgess Birthing Center, which is in the hospital's North Tower, is to be renovated and retrofitted to include two new operating rooms for birthing.

The construction is expected to begin from July 1, 2018, and is likely to be completed by the spring or summer of 2020.


Name Borgess Medical Center
Location USA
Type Expansion
Parties Involved Borgess Medical Center
Budget US$35 million
Schedule Summer of 2020