Regional Health Announces Plans for Major Expansion and Renovation Projects in Rapid City


Regional Health announced plans for the major expansion, renovation of existing facilities, and infrastructure improvements in Rapid City.


This project includes renovation and new construction of Rapid City Regional Hospital (RCRH) and the development of a new state-of-the art Advanced Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Institute construction at the Buffalo Crossing development in Rapid City.

As part of Regional Health’s commitment to revolutionise the future of healthcare in the region and system-wide master space planning process, it has started these initiatives.

This project is aimed to benefit patient care and enhancing comfort, ease and support.

Rapid City Regional Hospital construction and Renovation will include:
•    New hospital office building for specialty services would be added to the hospital.
•    Emergency department expansion
•    Construction of a new main entrance
•    Construction of new parking structures including covered parking for the convenience of patients, physicians, visitors and caregivers
•    Adding additional private patient care units and making all current patient rooms private.

A new medical facility specialising in sports medicine, orthopedics and rehabilitation will be constructed. The Advanced Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Institute will be built in 10 acres at the Buffalo Crossing development, Rapid City.

Expert care through surgeons, physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers and other specialists is expected to provide for orthopedic and musculoskeletal issues and sports-related injuries in the Advanced Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Institute.

Moreover, the institute will also include performance and athletic enhancement center with services ranging from enhancing one’s capability to enjoy everyday activities, to training elite athletes seeking to improve their performance. It will provide a modern, convenient and collaborative healing environment to patients.


Name Regional Health
Location Rapid City, USA
Type Expansion, Renovation
Parties involved Regional Health