Sarasota Memorial To Build New 110-Bed Hospital in Sarasota County, Florida


Sarasota Memorial plans to establish new 110-bed hospital on Laurel Road in south Sarasota County, Florida.


Sarasota Memorial which was planning to develop a 110-bed hospital will be going ahead with their plan after their Certificate of Need (CON) application has been sanctioned by the Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration.
The construction slated to be complete in 3 years will be providing varied services to its patients (particularly, mothers looking for maternal care and elderly persons).

•    90 Licensed Acute Care Beds (80 medical/surgical beds and 10 obstetric beds)
•    20-bed Observation Unit
•    25-room Emergency Care Center
•    Cardiac Catheterization
•    Clinical Services
•    Endoscopy
•    Interventional and Surgical Services
•    Infusion and Chemotherapy Services,
•    Laboratory and Pharmacy Services,
•    Respiratory Care
•    Rehabilitation
•    Radiology/Imaging

It will even have a balance of outpatient pre- and post-acute care programs and will invest in medical services of North Port.


Name Sarasota Memorial Health Care System
Location Sarasota County, Florida
Type New 110-Bed Hospital
Project Duration 3 Years