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Baylis Medical Announces Launch of First-of-its-Kind Large Access Transseptal Dilator

Baylis Medical announced the launch and first clinical use of first-of-its-kind large access transseptal dilator, ExpanSure™ Transseptal Dilation System.

Compared to a standard fixed curve sheath, the device facilitates larger dilation by combining a sheath and dilator into a single tool.

The larger dilation optimizes left-heart procedures such as left-atrial appendage closures and balloon ablations for atrial fibrillation.

It requires a large sheath to cross the heart's septum from the right atrium.

Addition of devices to achieve crossing can be eliminated using the ExpanSure dilator. This could result in possible consequences for the patient.

The ExpanSure Transseptal Dilation system is uniquely designed to optimize transseptal access, allowing the physician's primary focus to remain on delivering the necessary therapy to the patient.

A single, streamlined device without the traditional dilator-sheath transition also helps provide access in cases where patient's fibrotic septum makes transseptal access challenging.

Following several attempts to introduce sheaths through the patient's fibrous septum, access was only made possible by the ExpanSure dilator's streamlined design.

It has provided the required access when other sheaths could not, while the larger dilation allowed the remainder of the procedure to take place.

The device integrates into existing workflow specifications and replaces your traditional sheath and dilator for seamless integration into transseptal procedure.

Large sheath access facilitates optimized dilation of septum may facilitate transseptal crossing required for left heart procedures including Cryoballoon procedures, Left atrial appendage closure, Repeat procedures and/or, fibrotic septa.