First-of-its-Kind Non-Invasive Blood Test Introduced for NASH Diagnosis Problem

Metadeq Inc introduced first-of-its-kind non-invasive blood test for the diagnosis of Non-alcoholic steato-hepatitis (NASH).

The non-invasive blood test makes use of two novel circulating proteins to diagnose the exact stages of Non-alcoholic steato-hepatitis (NASH) and liver fibrosis diseases, without the requirement for invasive liver biopsy.

This new blood test will help researchers and clinicians to define the disease condition of NASH across populations, including children and adolescents, thus eliminating the need for invasive liver biopsy.

Globally, one in four people or two billion people approximately consists of Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)and normally are at risk of developing Non-alcoholic steato-hepatitis (NASH).

NASH is the most severe form of NAFLD, a silent disease associated with fatty deposit build-up of the liver among individuals.In addition, NASH causes advanced liver diseases including liver fibrosis (scarring), cirrhosis, and liver cancer, resulting in death.

Currently the traditional way of treating NASH is through the standard of diagnosis, invasive liver biopsy, resulting in significant complications, discomfort and supposed to be expensive. At present, no reliable blood test has been introduced for NASH and liver fibrosis.Most importantly, none of these available diagnosis available tests can identify the severity (stage), or monitor the progression, of either NASH or liver fibrosis.

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