Mainstay Medical Announces its First Breakthrough Back Pain Device

A Dublin-based medical firm, Mainstay Medical has discovered its first breakthrough back pain device, ReActive8.

ReActive8 helps to reduce back pain by stimulating nerves that control key muscles in the patient’s back. This helps patients, who suffer with chronic lower back pain that do not qualify for spine surgery.

It works by sending electrical impulses to stimulate nerves working muscles that are critical to stability in the lower back area which may have been weakened by a previous injury.

Reactive8 acts as an implantable device and it needs to activate twice daily for about 30 minutes. Sufferers of chronic back pain can receive treatment via simple medical procedure.

During the sessions, it will activate the muscles of the sufferer’s lower back. Patient will be always in control of the stimulation session via a handled wireless remote control.

In addition to reducing pain, the stimulated activation helps patient’s brain and body to control the muscles in between sessions. Restoration of muscle control and spine stabilisation helps patient’s body to recover from chronic low back pain.