Novel CONNEQT Pulse Developed for Monitoring Arterial Health

CardieX developed novel CONNEQT Pulse for monitoring dual blood pressure and arterial health.

CONNEQT Pulse, the new digital and device ecosystem designed with SphygmoCor® central blood pressure technology, helps both consumers and clinicians. Apart from the traditional blood pressure monitoring, SphygmoCor® technology is being used for over 20 years by researchers, specialist clinicians, to obtain advanced arterial health.

Pulse is the world’s first arterial health monitor apart from traditional blood pressure, including trademarked heart and vascular health parameters enabling clinicians, patients, and consumers to keep track of advanced insights into cardiovascular health. Moreover, it is the first blood pressure monitor designed with ’over the air’ (OTA) customisable display screens based on specific health parameters and disease conditions.

Central aortic waveforms can be measured non-invasively with SphygmoCor®. SphygmoCor® also helps in understanding various clinically relevant arterial health indicators such as central blood pressure, pulse pressures, arterial stiffness. In addition, it aslo helps in indicating vascular health of major organs (heart, brain, kidneys etc.)

SphygmoCor® is currently applicable in over 4000 clinical sites globally, among 250 current research projects by major medical research institutions, and 49 clinical trials.

World’s first Pulse device using SphygmoCor® central aortic waveform technology enables to monitor blood pressure at home health, remote patient monitoring, and decentralised clinical trial markets.

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