Novel Diadem's AlzoSureĀ® Blood Test Discovered for the Prediction of Alzheimer's Disease

Diadem U.S., Inc discovered novel blood test named Diadem's AlzoSure®for the treatment of early prediction of Alzheimer's Disease.

This is the first  kind of blood test which can predict likely progression to Alzheimer's Disease up to six years in advance.

AlzoSure® Predict assay is a simple, non-invasive plasma-based biomarker blood test which has the ability to detect that a patient aged over 50 years with cognitive impairment will progress to Alzheimer's dementiawith high accuracy.

The technology makes use of an analytical method featuring a proprietary and patented antibody developed by Diadem and designed to bind to U-p53AZ and its target sequences.

Alzheimer's disease affects millions of people and thier families worldwide. Alzheimer's disease is the most common form affecting around 50 million world population and rapidly increasing amomg people. Currently, Alzheimer's diseasediagnosis is slow, invasive and expensive.

AlzoSure® Predictis siad to be the game changer for the early identification and management of Alzheimer's disease.

FDA grants breakthrough device designation to Diadem's AlzoSure® to predict prognostic blood test for the early prediction of alzheimer's disease.

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