Novel Swift Medical’s Ray 1 Hardware Device Developed for Skin and Wound Conditions

Swift Medical, introduces novel  hardware device for monitoring and treating skin and wound conditions.

The Swift Ray 1, helps in early detection of deep tissue injuries and prevention of pressure injuries; identification of wound infections. The device best fits in the palm of a clinician or patient’s hand by providing medical imaging reach anywhere, from the hospital to the home.

The tiny pocket size device has the ability to capture powerful medical images from anywhere with the help smartphone camera lens. It demonstrates accurate clinical data of individual patients irrespective of skin tone.

The device helps clinicians and patients to capture data beneath-the-skin which cannot be noticed to the naked eye and helps in recovering wounds faster and thereby preventing them from even developing.

The Swift Ray 1 has the ability to define causes of concern in wound management such as signs of infection, bacterial colonization, tissue compromise, perfusion, inflammation and blood oxygen levels. These characteristics can be viewed through long-wave infrared, near infrared, ultraviolet and enhanced RGB imaging technology resulting in faster clinical workflows.

Chronic wounds is one of the major public health challenges worldwide. Approximately, 8.2 million patients are currently suffering from chronic wounds in North America. Due to rise in diabetes, obesity and other chronic conditions patients with risk of wounds are also subjected to increase.

Traditional methods of wound care requires high quality care and highly trained clinicians and expensive equipment. The introduction of Swift Ray 1 allows clinician to capture and share images at bedside, providing healthcare organizations to more accessible, efficient and preventive care.

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