Temporary Spur Stent System to Treat BTK Artery Disease

A novel retrievable stent technology, ‘Temporary Spur Stent System’ has been launched by Reflow Medical for the treatment of below-the-knee (BTK) peripheral artery disease. A patented retrievable stent system is included in the Temporary Spur Stent System.

To create numerous pathways, a series of radially expandable spikes are included in the device. These pathways will help in delivering antiproliferative drugs and ensure increased uptake into the vessel wall and also facilitate acute luminal gain.

The treatment challenges faced by patients with abnormal narrowing of an artery or valve after corrective surgery are addressed by the temporary spur stent system.

The breakthrough devices program is meant towards patients and healthcare providers to give timely access to medical devices that give effective treatment or diagnosis of life-threatening or irreversibly debilitating diseases or conditions.