Using Patient Experience Information In Hospitals—Survey Of Hospital Quality Leaders: A CAHPS White Paper


The CAHPS® Hospital Survey (HCAHPS) has been used nationwide since 2006 to gather standardized information on patients’ experiences with inpatient care. In this project, the CAHPS team will conduct a survey of hospital quality leaders, with the purpose of identifying ways in which hospitals collect HCAHPS and other patient experience data, understanding the role of HCAHPS in hospitals’ efforts to improve patient experiences, identifying the types of quality improvement activities hospitals implement to improve their HCAHPS scores, and determining the ways in which HCAHPS is viewed as providing value to hospitals.


The information gained from the survey of hospital quality leaders will describe how hospitals use HCAHPS data and will provide insight into the activities hospitals conduct to improve patient experience scores. This information may be useful to hospitals that lag behind their peers by enabling them to learn from hospitals with outstanding records of patient experience.

The revised survey instrument collects background information about the respondent and the hospital and asks about topics like collection of HCAHPS and supplemental data for assessing patient experience, activities to improve patient experience, reporting of HCAHPS and other patient experience data, perspectives on HCAHPS, institutional priority given to patient experience as well as incentives, accountability, and compensation for patient experience scores

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