Usability And Health Care Technology, 1st Edition

Usability And Health Care Technology, 1st Edition

Pages: 320

Publisher: Academic Press

Year of Publication: 2017

Author(s) : Kushniruk, Borycki

Book Description:

Usability and Health Care Technology details and describes how methods from usability engineering can be effectively applied to improve the usability of healthcare information systems and technologies. The book shows how these methods can be used to design, implement, and test health information systems and applications that will lead to more effective, efficient, and safe systems that better support healthcare work.

Readers will gain an understanding of how usability engineering can be applied in healthcare informatics, as the book details a proven, practical, and effective methodological framework for applying these methods to improve the design, implementation, and optimization of healthcare information systems, technologies, and applications.

Key Features:

•    Includes case studies on the application of usability engineering methods in a wide range of healthcare areas, including improving design and optimization of electronic health records, decision support systems, consumer eHealth applications, and public health surveillance systems
•    Offers a toolkit in the form of checklists, guidelines, accompanying diagrams, sample coding schemes, and other tools that can be used by readers to apply usability engineering
•    Provides references to major resources, links, and sites that contain relevant information about human factors, human-computer interaction, and usability engineering that can be applied to healthcare informatics, including relevant journals and conferences

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