Sysmex Corporation and Clearbridge BioMedics to Jointly Develop New Liquid Biopsy System

Monday, March 28, 2016

Sysmex Corporation and Clearbridge BioMedics have partnered to develop a new liquid biopsy system through a joint development collaboration.  

The development of the new system will leverage upon the microfluidics and cell separation technologies of Clearbridge BioMedics. The collaboration will combine Sysmex's global leadership in haematology diagnostics and expertise in developing liquid biopsy assays with Clearbridge BioMedics' in-depth domain knowledge in microfluidics for the enrichment of rare cells, which could potentially lead to a new product line to complement Sysmex's current suite of best-in-class haematology analysers.

"Liquid biopsy and cancer diagnostics is an important focus area for Sysmex. Clearbridge BioMedics has demonstrated their unique and versatile cell separation technologies. We look forward to working together again and further innovating through our Sysmex Open Innovation Lab platform, which aims to encourage open innovation through global collaborations," said Mr Kaoru Asano, Member of the Sysmex Managing Board and Senior Executive Officer, Managing Director and Head of Research and Technology Development.

"We are excited to be partnering with Sysmex Corporation, a global leading healthcare company. This collaboration follows on from our working relationships over the last few years, where we both evaluated our technologies and respective intellectual properties, and have concluded there is considerable synergies. We are pleased to be in this partnership and bring it to the next level," said Mr Johnson Chen, Managing Director and Founder Clearbridge BioMedics.


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