Jersey City Medical Center Invests US$100 million to Expand Emergency Department


Jersey City Medical Center (JCMC) plans to open new emergency department in Hudson County.


The emergency department designed with an 60,000 square feet is larger, more modern, brighter and more accessible than the existing one. The addition of this new ED will double the sise of current emergency department.

The new facilties included in the ED consists of convenient parking and advanced hybrid operating rooms. Moreover, the facility is built with brand-new parking lot that’s well-lit and convenient.

The new ED entrance provides small patientsa child-size furniture and a private, comfortable observation room adjacent to the EDand a bright, roomy waiting room.

State-of-the-art hybrid operating rooms is being constructed in the second floor to accomodate various surgical specialties and advanced procedures, including minimally invasive surgery allowing the patients to recover faster. In addition, the new  hybrid operating rooms, accommodates both open and minimally invasive surgery.

The new ED designed with advanced facilities will create new job opportunities and recruit more staff.


Name Jersey City Medical Center (JCMC)
Type Expansion
Budget US$100 million
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