Southeast Georgia Health System Announces Renovation and Expansion of Senior Care Center-Brunswick Rehabilitation Services


Southeast Georgia Health System announced the renovation and expansion of Senior Care Center-Brunswick rehabilitation services.


The expansion of the Southeast Georgia Health System Senior Care Center-Brunswick rehabilitation services has tripled the space used for physical and occupational therapy.

The Senior Care Center-Brunswick provides care for both short and long-term care residents.

Nursing and rehabilitation care is provided under short-term care, which helps patients transition back to independent living following an injury, stroke, joint replacement, general surgery or hospitalisation.

Long-term care provides skilled nursing to residents with more complex health issues that are not manageable at home or in an assisted living environment.

New construction will be carried out with over 70, 000 square feet, which is being built upon existing footprint and more than 100, 000 square feet of renovated space.

In addition, the improvements include surgical services i.e. 16 operating rooms, additional post-anesthesia and pre-and post-recovery bays with greater privacy.

New main entry will consist of a canopy and a two-story lobby.

Emergency department will be increased from 35 to 50 treatment rooms, including two trauma rooms.

The rooms on the fourth and fifth floors of the St. Simons Tower will be converted to 64 spacious private patient rooms.

The project has began in early 2018 with an anticipated completion in late 2021.


Name Southeast Georgia Health System
Type Expansion
Budget US$125 million
Parties Involved Southeast Georgia Health System
Schedule Scheduled to be completed by 2021