Two Lexington Hospitals Announce US$64.4 million Expansion Plans


The University of Kentucky Hospital and the Baptist Health Lexington Hospital filed a request with the State to add 141 and 43 acute care beds worth US$50m and US$14.4m respectively.


Witnessing the increased occupancy of patients, UK Hospital filled a request application for providing 77 acute care beds and 64 intensive care-capable beds for patients.

The intensive care beds will be currently located in Hospital’s Patient Care Tower, while the remaining beds will occupy existing UK hospital space.

With the new beds, UK Hospital will be able to take additional care for emergency patients.

In addition, Baptist Health also proposed to add 29 acute-care beds on the fifth floor of the existing South Tower and more 14 acute care beds on the third floor.

Baptist Health Lexington currently cannot convert its obstetric beds to acute care beds as they have occupancy of only 56 per cent.

Many patients from Central and Eastern Kentucky with heart disease and other health issues are the frequent visitors of Baptist Health Lexington.

This request for beds from two Lexington hospitals has emerged to extend its continuous health care services to the aged population as well as the growing number of people visiting Lexington for health care.

The State reviewed the expansion plans of UK hospital and Baptist Health Lexington, and the State decision is expected to be released by June 2018.


Name University Of Kentucky Hospital, Baptist Health Lexington
Location Lexington, USA
Type Expansion
Estimated Budget US$64.4 million
Parties Involved University Of Kentucky Hospital, Baptist Health Lexington
Schedule June 2018