Improved Classical Cipher For Healthcare Applications

Authors: Maya Mohan, M.K. Kavithadevi, V. Jeevan Prakash


E-health is rapidly picking up the gear and providing lots of services. It facilitates novel solutions for the problems suffered by the aged people as well as the people affected with chronic diseases. Apart from the above services, it devotes much interest in personal fitness. The healthcare system makes use of wearable wireless sensors which are implanted in patients, allow the monitoring of the health status at all time. The data collected from the patients transmitted through the network to the clinic or the doctor for a detailed diagnosis. Since healthcare applications are dealing with highly sensitive data, strong cryptographic algorithms should be incorporated for providing confidentiality. However, due to the computational and energy limitations of wireless devices we are forced to implement light weight ciphers which are computationally feasible in achieving confidentiality. This paper proposes a variant of hill cipher having two key matrices to add extra security to health related data.


Healthcare System; Hill Cipher; WSN; Linear Cryptanalysis; Modular Arithmetic; Matrix Exponentiation.

Citation: Maya Mohan, M.K. Kavithadevi, V. Jeevan Prakash Improved Classical Cipher For Healthcare Applications

Available online: 12 August 2016

Copyright: © 2016 The Authors. Published by Elsevier B.V. This is an open access article under the CC BY-NC-ND license (

In Healthcare systems data security is highly important. The variant of Hill cipher introduced in this paper is secure against most of the well-known attacks. In Hill Cipher, frequency analysis will be practically useless for large key sizes. The standard  Hill cipher is completely linear and hence is more vulnerable to known  plaintext attack. The  security hardly lies in the secrecy of the key. The proposed scheme is an extension of Hill Cipher which is capable to resist against the known plaintext attack. The proposed method exposes some computational cost but very little and it be can be verified using the tables given above .The algorithm provides another plane of security by using positional based encryption and decryption of characters with two key matrices.

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