VolitionRx Limited Launches its Novel Nu.QTM Colorectal Cancer Screening Triage Test

VolitionRx Limited has launched its Nu.QTM Colorectal Cancer Screening Triage Test across the Europe.

The novel blood test, developed at Volition's laboratories in Belgium in association with Hvidovre Hospital (University of Copenhagen), has demonstrated the potential to reduce colonoscopies by up to 25 per cent while maintaining almost 97 per cent detection of colorectal cancer when combined with the Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) score.

The Nu.QTM Triage Test is the first cancer screening test that Volition plans to bring to market. This test has the potential to make a major difference in the lives of people and to help health care systems better serve patients.

The most frequently used first line test for colorectal cancer screening across Europe is the FIT test. Patients with a positive score following FIT are then referred for colonoscopy. On the other hand, the approximately 94.8 per cent of people who test FIT positive do not have colorectal cancer.

European patients with a positive FIT score could be given the blood-based NU as it has achieved CE marking.

QTM Colorectal Cancer Screening Triage Test and then only be referred for colonoscopy if the combined test results indicate that it is necessary; potentially reducing colonoscopy referrals by up to 25 per cent.