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Issue 11



Asia’s tryst with accreditations

Plato surely was advising physicians not to be mere money makers Enter international accreditations Asian hospitals now have an opportunity to make money as well as put the patients interest as first and foremost The National Heart Centre Singapore on achieving the Joint Commission International JCI accreditation proudly proclaimed We have learnt t...

Healthcare Management

What benefits does lean bring to the healthcare organizations visvis the older models of functioning The benefits of lean for healthcare organizations are that firstly the quality of the outcomes in terms of mistakes and errors improves

The fact that medical tourism in Asia is happening is no longer news But prediction of its huge growth potential certainly is Abacus International a UKbased healthcare consultancy believes that the lure of lowcost high quality healthcare in Asia will attract more than million tourists a year to the key locations Thailand Singapore India South K

Interview - Lean in Healthcare

What benefits does lean bring to the healthcare organizations visvis the older models of functioning The benefits of lean for healthcare organizations are that firstly the quality of the outcomes in terms of mistakes and errors improves The second is that the amount of time taken through the whole

The healthcare system in the United States is in disarray Communication among providers is poor Providers continue to function without adequate data thus preventing midcourse corrections when the service they provide is off the mark A shared organisational vision is lacking among healthcare providers The suffusion of information technology is slow...

Medical Sciences

Early detection strategies

Cancer is a significant health problem in Asia and around the world being the leading cause of mortality in Taiwan Thailand Singapore Korea Hong Kong and Japan The disease is becoming an increasingly important health concern in countries such as Malaysia and The Philippines as the impact of communicable diseases decreases with the widespread supply...

New techniques

Cardiac surgery has witnessed major changes and rapid progress in the last years since the time of the development of cardiopulmonarybypass CPB for clinical use in Constantly the focus of the improvement in the techniques and technologies has been on making cardiac surgery safe minimallyinvasive and costeffective Major advances have occurred in th...

Anaesthesia and its practice has developed enormously following WW II thanks to an explosive growth of anaesthesia equipment and tools shorter acting drugs electronics and sophisticated monitoring equipment Anaesthesia education training and licensing has not grown at the same pace certainly not globally In the last two decades anaesthesia in the m...

Surgical Speciality

Emerging trends

The substantial developments in surgery over the last century with the advent of antiseptic substance anaesthetic agents antibiotics surgical nutrition and organ transplantation did not modify the basic tools of surgery and even the surgical techniques remained basically unchanged But in the last few decades invasiveness has been the focus of su...

Rise of the robotic systems

Since the widespread introduction of minimally invasive surgery MIS in the early s initially with laparoscopic cholecystectomy extensive evidence has demonstrated its advantages over open surgery faster recovery with less pain and fewer complications The reason why MIS is so explosively popularized all over the world is that there is a significant...

The minimal access approach

Minimal access technology is a giant leap forward in delivering surgical care to patients The underlying principle of minimizing the trauma of surgical access met with such wide spread acceptance that there was an uncontrolled and unmonitored surge in its practice and application This resulted in accidents which nearly put this technique to disrepu...


The unravelling of the main bulk of the human genome in led to a feverish explosion of ideas of how genetic information could be used to improve the identification and management of human disease and enhance human health through improved therapeutics Targetbased drug discovery immediately received a shot in the arm for more molecularbased approach...

Technology, Equipment & Devices

Glove manufacturing has changed dramatically in the last years with the advent of powder free gloves technology This technology was developed due to the issues arising with the use of powder in gloves as well as the changing needs of the endusers such as the need for double gloving and intraoperative donning Powder free gl

The growth factors

How important will be strategic alliances and partnerships for the growth of Indian pharmaceutical market Alliances and partnerships will be very important because of two reasons The Indian market has already entered into the patent era and Indian companies still have very lean product pipeline as of no

Growing use of noninvasive ventilation growing numbers of procedures carried out under conscious sedation and growing awareness of the adverse effects of sleep apnoea are only three of various trends in modern medicine that call for continuous monitoring of ventilation preferably continuous noninvasive monitoring of ventilation

Facilities & Operations

The design perspective

The field of healthcare designs is currently undergoing an exciting transformation that will significantly change the appearance of our hospitals More and more healthcare administrators and medical professionals are becoming aware of the need to create a healing environment that supports the needs of patients family and staff The key factor motivat...