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The adaptation continues

The global market place continues to be a test for healthcare providers The technology boom combined with trends such as rising costs shortage of healthcare professionals growing consumerism and a greater than ever focus on patient safety have meant that providers are in a seemingly endless cycle of adaptation Like in other

HealthCare Management

Global Health Tourism with Qualified Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation refers to the most comprehensive restoration of health and abilities following sickness accident or injury in a clinic that has been especially conceived qualified and assessed for the rehabilitation In Germany prevention and rehabilitation have been regular features of a modern and overall medicine With their va

Care Pathways

The basics

Care pathways are also known as Clinical or Critical pathways A care pathway is a multidisciplinary healthcare management tool based on healthcare plans for a specific group of patients with a predictable clinical course in which the different tasks or interventions by the professionals involved in the patient care physicians nurses pharmacists phy...

Care Pathway for Total Hip Replacement

An innovative approach

New advances in promoting patient safety such as requiring physicians to comply with evidencebased medicine payforperformance initiatives supported by the government and transparency for consumer information have been interpreted by some clinicians as an infringement on their autonomy Healthcare organisations need to develop processes to bridge the...

Managing End-of-Life Services

Experience from England

Around half a million people in England die each year from many differing conditions the majority of whom are over The personal and social care given to these patients and families forms a major part of the daytoday work for many health social and voluntary staff However it has been identified that too often care for this vulnerable group is not c...

Medical Tourism

Role of telemedicine

Although it may easily be dismissed as another BPOlike fad medical tourism is nothing short of a serious business that has the potential to revolutionise the global healthcare industry It is worth US million and growing at a rate of per cent annually figures Today patients are combining vacation with care because either the local treatme

Medical Tourism in India

Seeking a differentiator

The rise of medical tourism in Asia over the last few years has been phenomenal Along with the huge opportunity for growth it also brought along a need for Asian healthcare providers to meet worldclass standards of patient care in order to attract patients from the developed nations especially USA This change has been particularly visible in the In...

Medical Tourism in India - Sangita Reddy

Seeking a differentiator

What made Apollo Hospitals take the initiative of opening a Ayurveda Treatment Centre What are Apollos future plans with regard to this new foray Apollo views Indias indigenous systems of medicine as complementary to allopathic practices In keeping with this view we have pioneered Rehabilitati

Medical Tourism in India - Ganesh Subramaniam

Seeking a differentiator

Can holistic medicine be incorporated in the mainstream healthcare There is a void in mainstream healthcare which is being effectively complemented by Ayurveda To that extent appropriately integrating the two will enable delivery of comprehensive healthcare services to the market In fact our USP of working with mainstream doctors for specif

Medical Sciences

Advanced Colorectal Cancer

Improving the survival rate

Life expectancy has increased dramatically over the last hundred years In the western society it is years for men and years for women The demographics of these changes have important consequences for healthcare professionals in oncology Magnitude of the problem Colorectal Cancer CRC is one of t

Heart failure management

Monitoring with implantable devices

Longterm management of patients with Congestive Heart Failure CHF is a growing burden on healthcare systems throughout the world today Management of patients with CHF is confounded by the observation that signs and symptoms in many of these patients are not wellcorrelated with actual disease status Hemodynamic monitorin

Treatment of Stroke

Acting on the symptoms

A stroke has been defined as a focal or at times global neurological impairment of sudden onset lasting more than hours or leading to death and of presumed vascular origin However this definition has as a result of timedependent treatment and management become redundant Stroke is the third m

Surgical Speciality

Transection of the Liver

Overview of techniques

Over the past few decades the management of liver tumours has become a truly multidisciplinary speciality Advances in imaging medical oncology and interventional radiology have now allowed treatment with curative intent for many lesions that previously would have received palliation only However surgical resection remains the mainstay of management...

Treatment of Gastric Cancer

Role of radiotherapy

Gastric cancer is the fourth most frequent malignancy in the world It is characterised by a high locoregional recurrence rate and poor prognosis Radical surgical dissection is the basis of cure in this disease However because most patients are at advanced stages surgery alone provides longterm survival of only per cent Randomised trials have shown...

Trends in Surgery of Kidney Tumours

Shift to less invasive and nephron-sparing techniques

The incidence of kidney tumours in Czech Republic is the highest in the world In it was in male and in female cases in per year Owing to this fact urologists in Czech Republic are focussed on surgery of kidney tumours At our department we treat over patients with kidney tumour surgically every year


Globalised Healthcare

What lies ahead

Good health for all populations is a recognised international goal There have been broad gains in life expectancy over the past century but the health inequalities between the rich and the poor still persist The prospects for future health depend increasingly on the relatively complicated process of globalisation Health is not only a benefit of dev...


New and evolving roles

Noninvasive imaging of the heart continues to evolve and improve Cardiovascular ultrasound or echocardiography continues to play a key role in the diagnosis and assessment of response to therapy of many cardiac conditions The advantages of echocardiography are that it is a safe noninvasive test without radiation exposure and is a relatively inexpen...

Diagnostics for the Developing World

Challenges and constraints

The healthcare challenges faced by the developing countries are vastly different from those in the developed nations Owing to the high poverty levels there is a great dependency on the state for healthcare the delivery of which has at best been mediocre and highly mismanaged With very limited budgets available for healthcare the

Asian Diagnostics Market

Emerging opportunities

What are your views on the Asian diagnostics market How has it evolved over the past decade Asias ageing population is expected to double by increasing the number of people likely to require medical treatment Rising average life expectancies along with more affluent populations is expected to boost expenditure on healthcare tr

Technology, Equipment Devices

Devices for the Failing Heart

The future is here

Mechanical Circulatory Support MCS is an important adjunct to the management of patients with severe heart failure Because the number of donor hearts available for transplantation is limited the use of MCS is growing as a valid alternative to save the lives of patients who are facing death There is substantial eviden


Biotechnology & biomedical perspective of disruptive potential

Nanotechnology or the science of the small has become the buzzword of academic and industrial circles which has diversified across various verticals such as healthcare aerospace defense materials and many more The beginnings of nanotechnology could be attributed to Sir Richard Feynman who in his landmark lecture titled There is Plenty of Room at th...

Facilities Operations

Patient Safety and Risk Management

A look at the basics

The need to consider and manage the safety of patients within healthcare has been widely recognised over the past decade The science of patient safety has grown and is constantly seeking to identify how and why things go wrong in patient care and what we can learn from other industries and from other disciplines such as psychology to make care safe...

Improving Reliability for Safer Care

A proactive approach

From a scientific pointofview healthcare has improved dramatically over the past years The development of new treatment modalities has had a significant impact on many people This of course differs from country to country as well as within countries and communities Access to the standardised and reliable care that should be provided is often diffi...

State of Sustainable Design in Healthcare

A commentary

The buildings that support the delivery of healthcare services encompass a broad range of building typesranging from small community outpatient clinics to large acute care hospitalsand an equally broad range of ownersphilanthropic nonprofits to corporate entities Globally healthcare is a significant service economywhile the percentage of

Information Technology

Understanding SOA

Caring about IT architecture

Healthcare organisations face many challenges today Though each organisation has its own specific obstacles a quick review of industry literature quickly highlights that there are many common problems How do we manage with the budget we have How can we do a better job of treating our patients and improving care quality How can we prevent medical er...

Telehealth in Asia

Healthcare for the communities

Asia is increasingly challenged by the social disparities between its urban and rural populations due to the massive growth it experienced in the recent years Of the regions billion people per cent live in rural areas often without adequate access to education and healthcare Today there is an immediate need for the re

Leveraging Authentic Health Information

Key to patient empowerment

In the s a patient admitted into hospital with a suspected myocardial infarction would be in bed for six weeks He was looked after and monitored by the concerned nurses After six weeks he would either be discharged all cured or succumb whilst in his bed and die No further follow up tests and no medication was needed What is the current scenari